Filth – part 1 – Chloe

He was the man i was waiting for in my whole life.
I knew this when he first started to talk to me. I could hear it in his voice. He had everything I so desperately needed. All the things I pushed so far back, on the furthest hidden shelf of my mind. All the pain, the suffering… I knew he could give it to me
He was the man from my dreams.
And he wanted to hurt me.
I saw someone when I left the flat. Leaning, back to the wall, there he stood. This was the first time I saw him in the flesh. My heart was racing, beating so fast I thought it would explode within my chest My hands were trembling but I kept walking. I could see him coming after me, keeping his distance, step after step.. Now my whole body was shaking, I wanted to turn around, face him, but I couldn’t. It was not allowed. Another step. I’m almost there – I was thinking – “if I can get to the tram, I will be okay”. One more step. I knew he was still behind me, I could feel him right there.
I got to the station and took the first tram, I couldn’t even be bothered to check whether it was good for me or not. The doors closed and I couldn’t see him. Fuck, I wished he would be there though. My heart started to slow down finally, my hands weren’t shaking anymore. I was calm I thought when…
…My heart skipped a beat when I felt his warm breath on my neck… I got goosebumps all over my body, I couldn’t breathe. My whole body started to shake again. I wanted him! I wanted him to touch me!But of course he didn’t… He was just standing there, all calm and cold breathing steadily.
I stood before him, shaking, gasping for air and I could feel a warm wetness spreading between my legs. I wanted him to kiss my neck, to bite it, I wanted him to put his hand on my hips, I wanted him to grab me tight and firm, I wanted to feel his cock as it pushed to my back. No, no, no!! Shut up! I was terrified. I was afraid of him but I could feel my clit throbbing, blood pulsing as my heart beat even faster. I was blushing with tearful eyes, I didn’t know what was happening, my body was betraying me. Another rush of adrenaline came, it was hot, too hot… All of my nerve endings were on fire and I almost lost consciousness as I came harder than ever before. A teardrop rolled down on my cheek while I was holding my breath. By the time I dared to move, to look behind me, there was nobody there.
Maybe there never was.
Maybe he wasn’t real at all.


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