Caring words IV

[I was going through His texts, the best bits, the saved ones which always make me wet.. It wasn’t different this time, either. He was out but i still asked for permission and waited 15 minutes before i finally decided to touch myself without Him allowing it to me]

me: Aaaaah get back, i need permission

[25 mins later]

He: I’m back
       My God woman, you feeling extra horny today
me: Oh… you’re here…
        I… uhmm…
He: Go on then
me: I… have… already done it
He: What? Before I came home!?
me: God, please don’t be angry
He: Oh dear
me: I’m sorry, i just couldn’t wait any longer
He: it’s still going in my little book
me: No, baby, please no [sad face]
He: It’s okay… You will pay for every one in September
me: What book, anyway? No, please, this is not my fault
He: It is
me: You weren’t here
He: You’re a little whore [Chloe] and you will pay
        In so many ways
me: September is 3.5 months away
        You’ll forgive me by then, i’m sure 🙂
He: I’ll forgive you when you are begging me to stop whipping you
me: But but but
        You CAN’T leave a mark!!!
He: I won’t
me: How’s that possible?
       It’s not… is it?
       You’re just saying it to make me scared
He: It is possible. Not with a whip… but I can do things that won’t mark you, that will eave you feeling like you WISH I had whipped you

[I feel that warmth between my legs again… It’s like an unsatisfiable hunger, i need to do it again… My hand is moving down, i’m still naked… My finger is almost there, then i stop myself. I need His permission. Fuck… My heart is racing and i feel the blood throbbing in my clit]

me: {John}, Honey, please… stop it
        God, i’m so horny
He: See… you should have waited
       Because now you AREN’T allowed
me: Please, i beg you!
He: No way, you broke my rules
me: But You weren’t here!
He: So? You knew that I would be back
       You also knew you were disobeying me
me: Please! I need to do it
He: Tough you whore NO…. you can wait
me: Please! I’ll do anything… What do You want me to do?
He: I want you to do as you are told.
me: As You wish
He: Good girl

[I was gonna stop.. I was ready to let it go, I was ready to do as i was told, then He wrote those two words…. My heart skipped a beat and the world went blurry for a second. I felt the wetness spreading down there and i had to force myself to not touch it]

me: Fuck
        Too bad, i’m not there

[because I would kneel before You, Master. I would kneel, and get Your cock out, put it into my mouth and suck it until it gets hard in my mouth and then for even more, until You grab my head and start to force it all the way down on my throat… until i start to choke on it, looking up to You, tears in my eyes, make up ruined and You, Sir.. You just standing there with Your half-smile on Your face, holding my head until You come in my mouth…]

He: Oh, you are lucky… if you were mine, you would be regretting this now
me: What would You do?
He: I would string you up by your wrists from a pulley in the ceiling.
       And beat you with the whip handle.
       Before sticking it in your pussy where you would have to hold it in… if you let if fall out I would beat you again
       Until you got it
me: Can i touch myself now?
He: It’s been 5 mins
       Get fucked
me: But You’re making me horny!
He: Good
       Then I would get my blowtorch and my small brand in the shape of my initial… Only 3mm big and I would heat it up until it was red
me: God, no
He: And give you a permanent reminder
me: Stop it
me: No, please, STOP IT
        I can’t breathe

[By this pint i can barely keep myself from touching my clit. My body is in flames, i’m panting, my heart is racing i\m so aroused i feel dizzy]

He: Good… I wonder how many little letters you would earn over the years
He: Enough to make a pretty pattern
me: [John]… I’ll be a good girl, joust please stop this
        I want You
He: I know
me: I’m really wet
He: Of course
me: Why are You doing this to me?
        God, please
       At least let me touch!
He: Because you didn’t obey me
      5 mins… and I will think about it

[5 mins later]

He: Go on then
me: Thank You
He: But not inside
       Only your clit
me: Fuck
       As You wish
He: Good girl.. Imagine it’s my tongue

[I didn’t last long… I was so aroused to start with… As i closed my eyes He appeared… Touching me, hurting me, fucking me, loving me, holding me. I screamed while i came…]


Day 13 – morning pleasure

I woke up to His text… I was horny to start with, He didn’t even have to say anything. I asked for permission to touch myself and come

me: can i touch myself?
He: Yes, you can but I want a photo at least
me: Am i allowed to come?
He: Yes
       Think of me
       Eating your pussy and ass
       Getting my tongue right in both
       And come in your ass
       I’m off, I expect some good images from you

No permission to use anything in my pussy though… So that left me only my clit and ass. I’m not a big fan of anal, i can count on one hand the times i had it and never done it for myself… only like rubbing or maybe half a finger, just for fun.. But He wanted to fuck me in the ass.. who am i to take it away from Him? I got my red dildo.. Thank God it’s not thick though… I readied my camera, put it on my bed and knelt over it so He could see everything. I applied lube and started to push it into my ass. It did hurt… badly. But i was strong and pushed it further. Centimeter by centimeter it went deeper and deeper… the pain started to subtle and as i started to rub my clit i noticed i’m really wet. The pain turned me on instantly… I was holding the dildo on the bed and started to ride it. As i moved the pain became more intense. I started to sweat as i moved faster and faster fucking that dildo, imagining His cock going in and out of me. The pain became so intense i wanted to stop but i had to keep going for Him. I changed position, laying on my back, legs in my neck, the red dildo standing out of my ass and i’m rubbing my clit as crazy.. Then i remembered i can turn it on… It starts to vibrate inside me and warmth rushes through me.. It feels so good i can’t describe it. I turn on my camera again, i want Him to see me come. My body is on fire, i can’t breathe and i’m shaking. I’m fucking my ass as hard as i can and i’m enjoying the pain it causes. I’m seconds away from coming and i’m imagining Him fucking me like that, His cock moving in me, His fingers rubbing my clit and that does it… I’m coming hard… I lie there for a couple of seconds, then i turn off the dildo, i’m pulling it out, it hurts some more then the pain is gone. I’m turning off the camera as well… I hope He will be pleased

Caring words III

He: I have a pic of my current mood you will love

[sends picture, His belt in His hand, looking at me like i did something wrong. He wants to punish me. Somehow He turned all His aggression, frustration and anger into this sole thing – punishing me]

me: oh God
I want You to hurt me
He: i will
me: Thank You, Sir
He: My good girl. Its a good job im not there as i would take it out on you.  You wouldn’t be able to leave the apartment today
me: i wouldn’t mind
I mean it
He: I know… So do I
me: God… i’m so wet
He: Good
       I would roll up my belt  nice and tight and fuck you with it before beating your ass with it
       You wouldn’t be able to sit down for the rest of the day
me: Hhmmmhhmm
Fuck my life
He: In fact I would make you stand in the corner until i needed you again
       Hands on head belt round you neck
       Waiting to be used
me: God
He: Show me your pussy, slave

[I’m at the gym, working. My trainees are there. But i don’t care. I’m in the middle of a sentence and i leave it unfinished as i hurry to the bathroom, unbuttoning my shorts, pulling down everything and taking a picture for Him]

me: as You wish
He: Photo was blank
       Do it again

[Sending it again]

He: Pretty
       Where are you?
me: Gym
Can i go back?
He: Yes. Go on.
me: Thank you
He: But i want more later
me: Anything
He: Want to see you fuck yourself with that dildo
me: God
Please don’t

[I never used one. I don’t want Him to see.. I am embarrassed, what if i do it wrong somehow? I’m afraid of letting Him down. It’s too much! He is the only one who saw me pleasing myself, nobody else ever watched me. It’s too personal… God, i just want to please Him!]

me: i am sorry, Sir
He: I should think so
me: i can’t breathe
He: Good 
       Fucking deny me again and you will regret it
me: i just…
Nevermind, i’m sorry
I won’t deny You
       Unless you have a real reason don’t deny me what I want
me: I’m embarrassed, is that a good enough reason?
He: No not reason enough. You are my fucking slave i dont care if you are embarrassed
me: I’m burning up, my heart is racing and i can’t breathe
I want You
I want You so bad it hurts
He: I will fuck you later

Caring words II

me: Good morning. I dreamt of You
He: Good girl
        My best girl
me: God, i love you so much
He: Good
me: i need You
He: Shhhhhhh
       Calm baby. You have me
me: i know, Sir
He: I know you need me but you have to wait
       I hope you didnt go inside

[yesterday i was instructed to please myself without putting a finger inside]

He: Did you?
me: No
I would never disobey You
It was fucking hard to resist though
But i wanted to make You proud
He: My good girl

[My heart is throbbing in my throat, i feel dizzy but i have to hide it, i’m already on my way to work]

He: I dont want you to until i can fuck you
me: God, i dont think You can make me any hornier than this
He: Oh you have no idea
me: God
Please don’t
He: Ha!
        Please don’t?
        I want you
        But you can wait
me: as long as i have to
He: Me not giving you what you want is my way of tieing you up and leaving you like it
       Leaving you tied and wet
       While i go out
       I would hog tie you with the rope looped around your neck so if you relaxed too much it would tighten
me: God… please!

[He ignores me]

He: Leave you like it for hours
me: Fuck

[My heart beats faster and faster. He ignores me again]

He: Maybe find a man with a big fat cock.
        Bring him home
        And let him have you
        We would stay silent
me: Nooooo, please!
God, i’m so wet

[I try to stop Him, i don’t want anybody else except Him. I’m only His, but the thought of pleasing Him and knowing He would be enjoying watching me fucked makes me aroused beyond comprehension.
He still ignores me]

He: So you wouldnt know if it just me
       But i would let him have you however he wanted
me: No, please

[I moan quietly, i close my eyes, bite my lips and stroke my neck.. i can’t hold back. People are starting to look at me. I have to stop Him, or i’m gonna explode. He ignores me of course]

He: And when he was in you from behind
       I would lift up your face and remove the blindfold
       And push my cock into your mouth
       Until it sealed your throat
       And hold it there
       While he pounded you
me: God, baby please!
Oh, God
I need you

[I want Him here. I want to feel Him. His touch, His breath on my neck, His wet tongue all over my body. His hard cock in my pussy then in my mouth, licking, sucking Him clean. I moan again, people glance at me weirdly. He ignores me]

He: I would love warching the rope tighten round your neck
       Feel it push against my cock in your throat
       I would watch him come in you
       Then tell him to leave straight away
       So i could properly punish you for being such a dirty whore

[i know i could come within a second if i would be able to touch myself. But i can’t. He knew it and made me horny. Just because i said i can’t get any hornier, He made me. Within minutes, only with His words. Then He said He will fuck me tomorrow. God… i want Him so bad

Good morning]

Day 4 – morning

He: Did you sort out your problem?
me: Yeah.. i had to stay up pretty late though
He: okay…and?
me: He’s jealous. But it’s an ongoing problem for him
He: Okay

[Horrible seconds passing by, i’m thinking maybe i lost Him? I’m already thinking what i’ll write of this on the blog]

He: Tough. You are mine

[My heart stops reading this. I’m instantly wet and start to pant. I almost faint]

me: Fuck my life
He: Are you mine?
me: Yes oh god yes of course!
He: Good
me: I.. i cant breathe
He: Here’s  a little reward…for being mine
      [sends picture of His hard cock]
me: Oh God
Thank you
He: Good girl
me: God, i’m wet
He: Good
       You would need to be

[He made me so horny, i barely can stand on my feet. I’m still panting and people start to notice it. I wanna taste His cock, kneel before Him, look up to Him while pleasing Him… His hands on my head, helping me get the rhythm right, smiling at me with His perfect half-smile, looking me in the eyes and saying ‘good girl’ to me after He comes in my mouth]

me: Did u look at my pics?
He: No…i dont need to
       I just close my eyes
       And you are there
me: You are perfect

I love You
He: I love you too  slave
me: i am Yours. Forever.
My one and only Master
He: I best get up
me: thank You for this
He: Just remember i am you master for as long as you do as you are told.  I wont put up with you being a bitch about all this.  I love you but i wont be emotionally pulled about. Be happy you are my thought slave at least.  Anything else that comes from this is a bonus
Do you understand?
me: yes, Sir
He: Good
me: thank You, Sir

[I promise i’ll be good. I won’t be a bitch about anything. I’ll be Your good girl, my Love. I’m still horny and wet but i can’t do anything about it. I have to wait to please myself. I’ll ask for His permission now. I need His permission as He controls me and my body.

Good morning]

Day 3 – afternoon

I’ve started to clean the flat and after like 40 mins I’ve just sat down to rest a second. To think and now… I need to touch myself. It’s crazy how horny I can get by only thinking of Him. And the strange thing is… almost everything reminds me of Him. I have these ben wa balls.. I used to send Him videos of me inserting or pulling them out… He loved those… Now I can’t use them without thinking of Him.

A few weeks ago I needed His permission to touch myself. I won’t tell Him now. He’s busy and I can’t make things how they were before. He can, but not me. I hope He will, in time, but I have to be patient, I have to let Him decide how this will be from now on. Everything is up to Him.

But the thing is… It’s a bit hard to talk about this, even here, even to you.. How can I put this… When we have sex with my boyfriend, I don’t want him to make me come. I’d rather please myself later on when his not around.. I still enjoy having sex with him and i like to please him of course, but my pleasure?

I want to offer it to Him somehow, even though He won’t ever find it out. Yes, I know, I’ve sent Him the link to this, but He said He won’t really be around reading it. So I will go with “never” here and continue to write as that.

Anyway… I feel like if I’m pleasing myself thinking of Him, I somehow can get closer to Him…

And that’s what i need right now…
I’m not gonna watch His videos though.
Not just yet…
God, I’m so wet…
I want His cock…

I want it inside me… I want Him to fuck me from behind while holding me by my throat whispering filth to my ears… I want to hear Him moan, I wanna feel Him come inside me just when I would faint from choking He’d relax His grip and let me breathe again… God I need Him here!

Day 2 – morning

I’m still in bed, i was up for a while now, waiting my bf to leave. I’m clinging to His image in my head. I woke up all horny and wet.

I was thinking about Him. If just He would be here next to me. I slowly move my hand down… stroking my stomach… down further… to feel my clit. Its exceptionally hard. I start to rub myself and keep playing the images of Him in my head.

He is in top of me. His hard cock pushed against my panties, pushing the fabric inside me. His hands are next to my shoulders, pinning me down to the bed. I reach for His face, i cross my fingers around His neck and pull His head down to me. I lick His lips then tilt His head letting my lips reach His neck. With one hand He reaches down, removes my panties from the way.

I’m rubbing my clit faster now. I’m so wet oh my God, i can’t believe it. I slide my panties as He does in my fantasy and slowly push my finger inside.

He starts to push himself into me but He changes his mind. He keeps his cock only at the entrance of my hole, playing with me. I moan in pleasure and bite his neck. I can hear he likes it as he starts to pant a bit faster, his warm breath, i can feel on my neck.
I put my legs around his waist and pull him down. His cock penetrates me all the way and he moans as he goes in full length. He starts to move, i don’t have to pull him anymore he just can’t stop himself.. he moves faster and faster i can feel the veins on his cock rubbing against me inside. I kiss him… god i love his lips.. i can see he’s about to come, he’s moaning and grunting.

I rub myself faster now, with two fingers moving quickly inside myself… my whole body is hot, i moan in my bed… arching my back, every muscle tightened in my body as i come… i’m imagining him coming inside me which makes it perfect.

Good morning