Filth – Part 7 – Chloe

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Filth – Part 3 – John
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Filth – Part 6 – John

As I stepped outside I felt this sudden urge to turn around and lock myself up where it’s safe. I looked around and everything seemed perfectly fine. No reason to worry – I though as I headed to check my mails. There was an envelope inside. No addresses, no names, nothing. As I picked it up it hit me. I could smell him in the stairway. He was here, maybe he’s still here. Everything started spinning, my heart was racing, I felt the pure terror filling up my head until there was nothing left, no thoughts, no memories. Only the fear.

I have to run.
(never run)
But I have to!
(blood on the wall)
What else can I do?
(it’s your own blood, bitch)
He can be right behind me, he could stab me in any second!
(you know he will kill you if you run)
I can do this. Breathe… Breathe… That’s it. In and out… There we go…

I looked around. Nobody there. Silence. I was alone. Okay good. I opened the envelope. There was a photograph and a paper folded in half in there. I looked at the photograph. It was a woman in her mid-thirties, long brown hair, warm brown eyes, a cute smile. It was a small picture, probably made for an ID card. I unfolded the paper. A letter.

She expects me, but you will go to her instead.
Your task is to pick her up and bring her to me.
Be there by 11 o’clock.
Last chance. Don’t screw it up.

I checked the time and it was already too late to make it happen within the given time range, even if the girl was coming with me willingly, without questions. Still, I had to try at least, my own life was at stake. I knew he’d fucking kill me this time. I had to try.

I started to run. The girls location was 10 minutes away on foot. I was running as fast as I could thinking about how will I get her to cooperate. I felt my heels slamming into the ground. Heart pounding, I was panting, already running out of breath. My thoughts were racing – God, I was thinking so fast I couldn’t even catch up with my own brain. Drops of sweat ran down on my forehead right into my eyes. My vision blurred, I couldn’t even see where I was stepping. I fell and hit the ground hard. I felt a sharp pain in my knees and elbows. I could feel the blood spreading on my skin, mixing with the dirt and dust of the street. I got up not caring about any of that, I rubbed the sweat out of my eyes and continued to run. I heard my blood throbbing in my ears which somehow calmed me a bit. I’ve got this. I can do this. …I can make him pleased.

Minutes passed and I arrived at the given location.

I looked around and she wasn’t there. No, no, no, no! Panic started to kick in again. I don’t wanna die because of this fucking cow who was too busy to even show her fucking face! Where are you bitch? Don’t you dare to do this to me!

I was running around the place like a crazy person, tears in my eyes. Looking at the women one by one. Brown hair, brown eyes. God it seemed everybody looked the same. Why couldn’t he pick somebody less ordinary?!

Then I saw her smile. Oh no, she wasn’t ordinary, oh my God, not at all. I could see what he saw in her. Innocence, radiance, how she shone when she was smiling. Suddenly jealousy and rage filled my head. He chose her. He chose her over me! I felt bitter and empty. I wanted her to get hurt. I ran to her, she was on her phone, talking to somebody. I grabbed her hands, her phone fell on the ground. She was already upset, I could see. I started explaining what was happening. She pulled herself out of my grip and I could see on her face that I won’t be able to convince her. I reached for her again and started dragging her with me. She started screaming and people started looking at us. “No, no no, this can’t be happening, he will kill me, don’t you understand? Please, I beg you, come with me!” People now were running to us, helping the girl get away from me. Some of them, I could hear, were calling the police already. I had to leave. I had no other choice.

I fucked it up.
I fucked it up bad.

Without thinking I headed to the other location which was written in the letter.

Where he was waiting for me.


Filth – Part 6 – John

Filth – part 1 – Chloe
Filth – Part 2 – John
Filth – Part 3 – John
Filth – Part 4 – Chloe
Filth – Part 5 – Chloe

I had wanted her to come into the bedroom before I attacked but the hardness protruding from my groin took control of my brain. I dashed from my hiding place towards her. Eyes wide she tried to back away, to turn from me ready to scream but my hand was too quick across her mouth, the last breath sealed in… I turn her and my other hand goes to her throat pinning her against the door. I squeeze really fucking hard I see her eyes roll into her head and her tongue starts to bulge out her mouth drool spilling from the sides. It makes me squeeze even harder. “ I told you I would get you, bitch” I growl. Her hands fall seemingly lifeless at her sides. All the struggle gone… fuck I nearly come there and then… I snap back to reality and I’m still holding her by her throat. I relax my grip and as she falls I hear a small gasp of air!? My God she’s not dead! This is the best news. The bitter disappointment fades and is replaced by a new thought “I could keep her!” She could be mine forever? I could put her in the safe place. I’ve kept others for years. Kept them alive just… but I always bore eventually. No chase involved anymore no real terror once the first 2 or 3 months pass. They just end up hollow shells and even at the end when I finish them I get little pleasure from it.

This one. She’s different she has shown me that I can control her. That she wants this as much, if not more, than I do. She found me after all, she is the one who wanted all this horror. Who would I be to deny her that?

While she’s out I go to my bag and take out what I need. I strip her and tie her to her bed with knots that will tighten as she struggles when she wakes. From my bag I take my favourite knife. It’s been sharpened so much the cutting edge is razor thin. It’s a magnificent blade. A bowie knife that I’ve used for hunting more than just animals. I hold it glinting in the sunlight spilling through small gap in the curtains. Today it will taste her flesh for the first time. I fleetingly notice my cock is hard again and it brings me back. I walk to the bed and climb on, she stirs a bit. As I put my knees on her chest her pretty tear filled eyes snap open. She looks me right in the eye and starts to scream and scream but barely a noise comes past the ball gag I’ve stuffed in her mouth and she realises no noise is coming out. She struggles more the ropes tighten. I can see it in her scared eyes that she knows she is utterly doomed I reach back and slide a finger into her pussy and I can see she loves it I can feel her push against my hand, she wants this. I take my finger out and slip it in my mouth she is so wet!! It makes me more aroused than ever and angry! Angry that the fucking whore nearly made me kill her. Angry that if she had done as she was told and not ran this could have been avoided until I was ready. The anger starts to rise my fists clench tightly and I slap her so hard in the face it makes her start to cry. I grab my knife off the bed and start to run it from her throat where my hand is once again gripping tightly. Across her tits down across her stomach. Here I press a little harder and she cries out round the gag as her skin separates and blood spills from the blades path she bucks against the ropes and I swear she came again! It’s a not deep but the warm red soon spills onto the sheets. I watch it pool in her belly button as she lies there motionless. She’s not dead just passed out again. I take my finger and dip it into the blood in her navel and start to write on her wall ”never run. ” the full stop runs slightly down the wall I watch it for what seems an age.

I untie her while she was still out cold. I change her bed sheets (taking the blood stained ones with me as I do her panties) . I make her bed and clean her up. I use some sterile tape on her cut . I leave the apartment as I found it apart from that message. The full stop drip now reaching the floor.

Next time she wouldn’t dare run and if she did the room I have prepared for her would be ready for its long term guest.

Filth – Part 5 – Chloe

Filth – part 1 – Chloe
Filth – Part 2 – John
Filth – Part 3 – John
Filth – Part 4 – Chloe

Dim lights. Distorted noises. White.

Where am I?

His voice.

What happened?

Whispering to my ear. White again. More noises.
“Wake up….” (more white) “…perfect…” (what is he saying?) “…deserve….” (it doesn’t make any sense!) “…kill you…”

Everything is crystal clear now. I am in my bed. Almost naked, wearing only my underwear. I feel adrenaline rushing through my veins, I can feel my heartbeat getting faster and faster. I’m opening my eyes now, he is kneeling on top off me his face is next to mine. He is dressed up. I can see him smiling, his eyes flashing. I can see something in his eyes, something horrible. I can’t put my finger on it but it makes me petrified. I want to shove him off of me, but I can’t move my arms. Fuck! I’m tied down! Oh God, this is gonna be the end of me! Fuck, fuck, fuck! I try to get my hands out but the rope he used is only getting tighter as I’m trying to free myself. I’m screaming now, but I can’t hear my own voice. There is something in my mouth. God no! Please! I am gagged. I can feel tears running down on my face, I crying like a baby. I am terrified.

Now he moves, he’s sitting up. His weight pins me down. He puts his hand in my panties then pulls it out. (What is he doing? God… Is he checking…?) He puts his fingers in his mouth and starts grinning.

Good girl – he says and licks his fingers clean.

He continues to speak, but I can’t hear him. Why am I wet? I’m crying so bad I barely can breathe. I hate him, how can I be wet? Then all of a sudden he slaps me.

Pay attention when I’m talking to you, bitch!

My eyes are wide open, no more tears and I’m more scared than before. I know I’ll die here. He puts his hand on my throat again, grips it tight. I can see he’s reaching for something with his other hand. Light shines on the blade he’s pulling out under the blanket. He lets me breathe now. Fresh air is filling my lungs, but it doesn’t last long. He tightens his grip again and I can feel the cold blade on my ribs. He gently runs the knife all over my body, discovering every part of it. Light and noises are beginning to dim once again and I’m thinking it’s not a bad way to go, at least I won’t feel any…


Another big amount of adrenaline rushes through my veins and even though he still holds me down and I still can’t breathe, everything gets clear again for a while. It’s enough to me to grasp what’s happening. As I look down on myself, I can see red. A lot of red. Oh God! I want to scream! That fucking bastard CUT ME!

I can feel my blood throbbing in my ears . I know I’m gonna pass out within seconds, only the pain keeps me awake. The pain and.. that feeling… between my legs. Hot. Wet. I want him to fuck me, I want him to put his cock inside me. I want him to rape me. I can feel my pelvic muscles contracting as I’m having another orgasm and then everything turns black once again.

Filth – Part 4 – Chloe

Filth – part 1 – Chloe
Filth – Part 2 – John
Filth – Part 3 – John

On my way home I had to meet a friend who was supposed to watch my flat while I had to be away on the following week, I was supposed to give my spare keys to her today, but I just couldn’t find them in my bag. I could swear I put them in there a couple of days ago when we set up the meeting, but they just weren’t there. I was so upset, how can I be that forgetful all the fucking time?!

(Or maybe…)

No no no, shut up!

After that thing on the tram I tried to forget about him, blocked the whole thing out. I was embarrassed, I felt so dirty… I haven’t told it to anybody, I wanted to but I just couldn’t. What was I supposed to say? I man stood behind me on the fucking tram?! Am I supposed to say that he, only standing there, made my come?!

So I blocked out everything and managed to forget about him for a little while. I called my friend to to let her know I haven’t had the keys on me and decided go back home for them and then come back to give them to her. I put on my headphones, hit play and was enjoying the beautiful weather not thinking about anything in particular, until…

(…Maybe he…)

Stop it!

I was only a few stops away from my flat. I calmed myself. Everything is okay.He is not real. He can’t hurt you. But you see? Everything just wasn’t okay. I haven’t had the faintest idea what was waiting for me just yet but I could feel a tingle in my stomach, I got of the tram and started to ran. I was sure I will be safe once inside my flat, but I was never more wrong in my entire life… I was there finally, shaking, trying to fit my key into the hole but I couldn’t at first. Deep breaths, come on, you can do it! I turned my key and opened the door. As I stepped in, it hit me. It was so obvious but it was already too late.

(…Maybe HE took my keys…)

I wanted to turn around but he was moving quickly, grabbing me, tuning me, one hand covering my nose and mouth not allowing me to breathe, the other hand.. I could feel it on my throat.. His fingers trying to find my arteries. I tried to get away but I couldn’t move. I was paralyzed by pure terror. Lifeless hands hanging beside my body. I tried to scream but his hand sealed my mouth shut, I couldn’t even manage to moan. Seconds passed and my vision became distorted. I was thinking the time I had before.When I could live without the fear. Once again I could feel his breath upon my neck as he was gripping my neck even tighter. And then everything started to fade. The last thing I could hear was his voice…

I told you I will get you, bitch – he said.

Then everything went black

Filth – Part 3 – John

Filth – part 1 – Chloe
Filth – Part 2 – John

I walked away as the tram squeaked and rattled off in the opposite direction the blood from my hand felt warm and sticky in my pocket. The fucking bitch. I had the whole thing planned out. My whole fucking day ruined because she couldn’t hold it together. Her panic had made me even more aroused. My cock was so hard it hurt to walk but that ache made me even harder, if that was possible. The want and need to ram it into one of her holes was driving me mad. I wanted to turn round and start chasing the tram. To find her again, grab her, drag her off up an alleyway and just fucking rape the bitch.. maybe squeezing that delicate neck a bit too hard? Watch the life drain from her eyes as i come in her? She deserves it for messing me about! How dare she try and control things! She will learn. I will teach her not to fuck with me.
Then there I was in front of her apartment looking down at the key lying in my blood stained hand. Shiny, glinting at me like a silver prize. A key to heaven for me and hell for her.
Once in the building I made my way to her apartment on the ground floor. I looked long and hard at the key in my hand as i stood on front of her brown front door, I put it in the lock hearing the metal scrape against metal sliding effortlessly in click click click and I’m in.
The smell of her world hits me. A slight odour of cooking, her perfume, that smell of soap that I picked up on the tram. That leads me to the bathroom her slightly wet towel hung to dry, the bar of soap still slightly wet that had only recently been used on her slippery body , between her legs… I’m hard again. I move through to her room my eyes instantly spot her panties on the floor. I want to touch them but worry I might come there and then if I do…I leave them burning a hole into my head and move to the bed. I lie down. I can smell her here more than anywhere else. My erection reaches a new level of hardness. I unzip my trousers and free it . It’s so hard it just stands upright swaying slightly. I stare at it. Pre-cum glistening at the tip. I reach down and my hand touches those black panties. I pick them up all lacy and small so delicate. I put them over my nose and mouth and inhale deeply. I almost come there and then as her musky smell fills my nostrils I still haven’t touched myself and somehow I still don’t. It’s the most difficult thing I’ve ever done. My head is spinning I realise I haven’t breathed out yet! Fuck. I gasp air into my lungs but the panties are still clamped over my face and all I get is more of her it’s too much and I fade into blackness.

I sit up quickly opening my eyes fuck how long have i been lying there? What happened? I still have a raging hard on and her panties in my hand. Then click click click. A key, the sound of a door opening. I stand quietly up and behind the bedroom door my hard cock stood out in front of me.

I was going to hurt her and she was going to love it!

Filth – Part 2 – John

Filth – Part 1 – Chloe

It was a bit of a non day. At least it was at that moment but what I had planned would make it anything but that for my love. “My love” I smiled.
I leant against the wall hands in pockets watching the door to her block like a hawk. I barely noticed if I blinked I didn’t want to miss her reaction when she saw me. It had been building for so long this moment I knew it was going to be interesting watching her reaction when she realised I was actually here.

I stood for an hour when all of a sudden there she was! A flash of that short red hair I had seen more times than I can count. Then that face… nothing yet….. That pretty face. That face I had studied long and hard. Then a flash of those bright eyes. Looking my way……………. The moment is tangible, electric. My cock is instantly hard as I see that look of absolute terror on her face! The day she knew would come finally has. She almost stumbles her face as red as her hair she turns on her usual route as if nothing had happened. My God she hasn’t ran screaming? She hasn’t dropped to her knees and begged me to leave her alone. She hasn’t even attacked me, called the police and had me arrested. No, she has done as she was told and that makes me even harder.

I follow her matching her steps she is desperately trying to fight the urge to run I can tell. She sped up a bit heading for her tram stop but she’s early. I know this because I’ve followed her 6 times previously to this and she doesn’t even know it.. twice I’ve been so close I’ve managed to take items from her bag. One of now sits , gripped tightly in my hand.

She gets onto a tram. It’s not hers! I’ve panicked her so much she’s got on the wrong fucking tram! This has ruined my plan bitch! A crowd of people block my path and I suddenly loose sight of her and at the same time my erection! Fucking bitch I will kill you if you run now. Fuck! Where is she? Did she get off? She better not! She knows the rules of the game and until now she has been a good girl. She has done everything I’ve asked but this! For this she will fucking pay!

Then I see her at the very back of the car she hasn’t seen me eyes cast down but I can tell from her shoulders she thinks I’ve gone. I can see her hands aren’t shaking anymore. She actually thinks she’s got away.

I step up right behind her the tram is pretty packed so no one notices. I’m so close I can smell her perfume smell the new colour in her hair, the faint smell of the soap she washed her firm athletes body with that morning then I feel her tense up! She’s felt my breath on her neck. She knows that I’m there my cock springs up again,. I want to sink my teeth into her neck so deep it draws blood. I want to reach round and rip at her clothes. I want to cover her mouth with my hand and rape her right here and now! This is made worse by the fact I can now smell her… pussy……my God. .I do believe she has come right there inches from me and I didn’t even touch her! I have to go it’s all too much to know how much power I have over her. I want to come so badly now it’s hard to not touch my cock as I move quickly away .I force the door and leave the tram almost falling on my face as I do.

I take my hand from my pocket it’s been so tightly clasped the contents have dug into my hand blood drips from between my bunched fist. I open my hand and stare at her spare key “right bitch I’ll see you at home” I say with a grin. . . My cock is once again rock hard!

Filth – part 1 – Chloe

He was the man i was waiting for in my whole life.
I knew this when he first started to talk to me. I could hear it in his voice. He had everything I so desperately needed. All the things I pushed so far back, on the furthest hidden shelf of my mind. All the pain, the suffering… I knew he could give it to me
He was the man from my dreams.
And he wanted to hurt me.
I saw someone when I left the flat. Leaning, back to the wall, there he stood. This was the first time I saw him in the flesh. My heart was racing, beating so fast I thought it would explode within my chest My hands were trembling but I kept walking. I could see him coming after me, keeping his distance, step after step.. Now my whole body was shaking, I wanted to turn around, face him, but I couldn’t. It was not allowed. Another step. I’m almost there – I was thinking – “if I can get to the tram, I will be okay”. One more step. I knew he was still behind me, I could feel him right there.
I got to the station and took the first tram, I couldn’t even be bothered to check whether it was good for me or not. The doors closed and I couldn’t see him. Fuck, I wished he would be there though. My heart started to slow down finally, my hands weren’t shaking anymore. I was calm I thought when…
…My heart skipped a beat when I felt his warm breath on my neck… I got goosebumps all over my body, I couldn’t breathe. My whole body started to shake again. I wanted him! I wanted him to touch me!But of course he didn’t… He was just standing there, all calm and cold breathing steadily.
I stood before him, shaking, gasping for air and I could feel a warm wetness spreading between my legs. I wanted him to kiss my neck, to bite it, I wanted him to put his hand on my hips, I wanted him to grab me tight and firm, I wanted to feel his cock as it pushed to my back. No, no, no!! Shut up! I was terrified. I was afraid of him but I could feel my clit throbbing, blood pulsing as my heart beat even faster. I was blushing with tearful eyes, I didn’t know what was happening, my body was betraying me. Another rush of adrenaline came, it was hot, too hot… All of my nerve endings were on fire and I almost lost consciousness as I came harder than ever before. A teardrop rolled down on my cheek while I was holding my breath. By the time I dared to move, to look behind me, there was nobody there.
Maybe there never was.
Maybe he wasn’t real at all.