I don’t even know what day is this…

…but it’s over. For good.

I am truly alone.

Without a boyfriend

Without a lover

Without a Master

All I have is my broken heart…


Day 1 – 08:05

I’m at work. I’ve been crying since I’ve left home. He didn’t give me permission to use His side of the stories unless I let Him see this blog. Which I would, I really would.. I want Him to see this, but it looks like His not interested in it at all. He is still just fucking with me. Again and again and I’m letting Him do it. Fuck my life.

And the crazy part is? I’m still horny, i’m wet my clit is throbbing and I’m crying in the same time. He messed me up real bad and I’m not sure if I can come back to being a normal person after all of this.

I wish He would care!

Where is the hope He gave me yesterday? I want it back… I can’t handle Him when He’s this cold and harsh. It hurts too much. I need to stop texting with Him… but I just can’t!
I can’t imagine life without Him, He is a part of my word.. fuck, He is my world, my everything… God I feel so overwhelmed, I feel sick…

Okay. Lets try this again. I have to forget Him. No texts. No calls. Nothing.

I need a drink…