Caring words

me: Don’t mock me bitch
Fuck you
Damn right i’ll fucking murder you
He: ❤
me: And i don’t mean it in-game
I know where you live
Maybe i’ll visit you
And fuck you to death
Or just slit your throat
Or both
He: Maybe I’ll get to you first, bitch
me: Yeah, you can try, fucker
He: I would succeed. No trying needed.
me: Bring it on then
He: Because you would do as you are told! If I told you to slit your
        own fucking throat you would.
        I don’t have to do anything
        don’t forget it
me: No no noooo nooo :\
Stop it
I love you so much
He: Don’t try me, slave
me: I’ll do whatever you want
me: I’m sorry, Sir
He: That’s better
me: How can i make it up to You?
He: That’s for me to decide
        I’m sure I will find something for you to do
me: Anything
I’ll do anything
He: I know
me: Would you hold me now if i was there?
I need to feel Your touch
He: By the throat!
me: God
He: You have made me very hard being so BAD. My belt is calling me.
It wants to slide
out of my belt loops and feel your flesh
me: Mhmmmmm
Stop it
He: This wouldn’t be fun for you
        I would teach you a fucking lesson you would NEVER forget
me: Oh God
Stop it
He: Don’t tell me what to do, whore
me: Please
Please, Sir
I’m begging you to stop
He: Still not my good girl
        You need to be taught a lesson first
        When you get home you’re in trouble
me: God
What do i have to do?

This is from 10 days ago. I’ll write what happened when I got home soon.