Day 6 – morning

I so knew this would happen! As soon as i say it out loud it’s gonna disappear… fuck this shit. Yesterday morning i posted here that i could used to Him being like this.

Well He wasn’t like that since then. I know i have to be patient and treasure the moments when He finally gives me what i need, but fuck this shit!

I NEED HIM! Damnit!

It makes me angry, it makes me furious inside but i have to keep calm, i have to trust Him


He does what He wants, whenever He wants to.

I have no right to feel anything but love. What a fucking stupid bitch i am? God, if He knew about this… 

[5 mins later]

Like He knew… He sends me a video and it start like this

“Look, I know you’re missing my voice”

I love Him

How could i ever be upset with Him?

I am so stupid.

I have to trust Him.

He’s giving me as much as He can.