Day 19 – calm again

It’s good. I have more and more calm periods, maybe i finally will be ablee to get this right. I just realized that it’s the same with Him as with my body-image. When i feel down or sad or anything everything gets twisted. Everything. The mirror shows a completely different woman, an ugly one with tons of flaws. And that is the time when i get unsure about Him and His feelings towards me. Ive learnt to handle the mirror thing, i know it’s only my mind playing its dirty tricks on me. Maybe i just need to learn the same thing considering Him. He won’t change His feelings just because i feel sad. It doesn’t make sense and i can see it so clear now. I need to hold onto this. Because how i feel now? It’s fucking perfect. I don’t need more, He is there for me. I’m not sure on the love part, but you see, it’s different in my language. We have more words for it, different words for friendly love and real love. 

I don’t know… I’m not even sure it’s love what i feel. It’s intense, yes. Painful sometimes. I’ve never felt so much lust and longing towards anybody before… It can be unbearable and i just want to stay lost in Him. To give more, to make Him feel special, wanted and needed. To give Him back what i feel when His attention is focused on me. That is – without doubt – the best thing what happened to me in my entire life. And i want to give it back to Him. 

It’s so much more than love.


Caring words III

He: I have a pic of my current mood you will love

[sends picture, His belt in His hand, looking at me like i did something wrong. He wants to punish me. Somehow He turned all His aggression, frustration and anger into this sole thing – punishing me]

me: oh God
I want You to hurt me
He: i will
me: Thank You, Sir
He: My good girl. Its a good job im not there as i would take it out on you.  You wouldn’t be able to leave the apartment today
me: i wouldn’t mind
I mean it
He: I know… So do I
me: God… i’m so wet
He: Good
       I would roll up my belt  nice and tight and fuck you with it before beating your ass with it
       You wouldn’t be able to sit down for the rest of the day
me: Hhmmmhhmm
Fuck my life
He: In fact I would make you stand in the corner until i needed you again
       Hands on head belt round you neck
       Waiting to be used
me: God
He: Show me your pussy, slave

[I’m at the gym, working. My trainees are there. But i don’t care. I’m in the middle of a sentence and i leave it unfinished as i hurry to the bathroom, unbuttoning my shorts, pulling down everything and taking a picture for Him]

me: as You wish
He: Photo was blank
       Do it again

[Sending it again]

He: Pretty
       Where are you?
me: Gym
Can i go back?
He: Yes. Go on.
me: Thank you
He: But i want more later
me: Anything
He: Want to see you fuck yourself with that dildo
me: God
Please don’t

[I never used one. I don’t want Him to see.. I am embarrassed, what if i do it wrong somehow? I’m afraid of letting Him down. It’s too much! He is the only one who saw me pleasing myself, nobody else ever watched me. It’s too personal… God, i just want to please Him!]

me: i am sorry, Sir
He: I should think so
me: i can’t breathe
He: Good 
       Fucking deny me again and you will regret it
me: i just…
Nevermind, i’m sorry
I won’t deny You
       Unless you have a real reason don’t deny me what I want
me: I’m embarrassed, is that a good enough reason?
He: No not reason enough. You are my fucking slave i dont care if you are embarrassed
me: I’m burning up, my heart is racing and i can’t breathe
I want You
I want You so bad it hurts
He: I will fuck you later

Day 6 – afternoon

I must have been a really good girl… He was so pleased with me. And He gave me what i wanted. It was so perfect, how He teased me while i was on my way home, He made me so horny i was shaking. Then i had to take a shower and He only wanted to see a picture of my ass. Then we talked.

He talked…

His voice.. The sweetest thing on earth. Strong, demanding and soft and caring all in the same time. Even when He’s only talking about training or grocery shopping or anything.. it gets me every time. I’m clinging on His words. It makes me forget everything else. While He talks, nothing else exists. He fills up my mind, shutting out everything, making room for nothing else.

He called me His good girl… Then He asked me if i was His whore.. i said yes…
‘Yes, what?’ – he asked.
‘Yes, Sir. Sorry, Sir.’ – i answered.
‘Better’ – He said…

He told me a story. A very detailed one. He listened to me moaning and panting asking questions if i was doing as i was told. I did everything exactly as He asked – sorry, wanted it. He told me when to breathe in, told me for how long to hold it and – not like before – this time it was freakin hard to hold it! When i started to moan in discomfort, He told me to hold it. Then He told me to hold even longer. Then He let me breathe out and i was panting, moaning and screaming in pleasure. I think He enjoyed that.

He could hear on my voice when i was close… He said He wants to come when i do and that… well it was just perfect. He did come in the exact moment i did and it made it fucking perfect. For me it was so full of emotions it made me cry. Then He said he would hug me, hold me tight, He said He would be there for me, to calm me and i could hear in His voice He really really ment what He said. He said He loves me. My heartrate slowed.. i could breathe normally once again, then He said something which made my heart beat faster once again.

You have to know we’re planning to meet in Sept. His country. I really don’t know what to expect. Until now i was thinking we would talk, He said mayne hold hands a lot.. but you see, now He starts to talk about a friend there. With a room. He talks about how He would take me there.

I’m not gonna just hold your fucking hand…
I’m not gonna fuck you, but I’m gonna punish you. You will get what you want

God.. What if He’s serious? What if He means it? I don’t even know which one would make me happier.. if He means it, or not.

But i do know, don’t i?! I want Him to punish me. I want Him to choke me until i pass out, i want Him to hold me tight, i want Him to explore my body, i want Him to make me suck His cock and i want Him to come in my mouth and kiss me after…

Day 5 – morning

Oh God, i easily could get used to this. His morning texts and stories in the last two days.. He made me aroused, horny and wet. In public. I have to resist the ugre to touch myself then and there, on the tram. I wouldn’t care about people watching, i just want to do it. My clit is throbbing, my heart is racing, my body is on fire, i keep noticing i’m holding my breath while He is typing. 

When He’s calling me His good girl my heart skips a beat. He is so perfect in every way. I want Him to know how i feel, but i can’t describe it. I don’t have the words nor the talent to do so. He is my Master, my Love, my Life, my everything. I yearn for Him, my body aches for Him, i breathe for Him and my heats beats for Him.

I always be His.

His babygirl, His whore, His slave.