Day 20 – morning

Yesterday was perfect. Well not perfect perfect, but close enough. No panic, no worries, for the first time in many many days i really was fine. Of course we were fighting with my boyfriend – us fighting’s getting to be the basline of our relationship nowadays… But it’s not like i’m sitting there in quiet not letting him know it’ll poison our realtionship… I tell him how i feel, i fuckimg won’t let anyone there guessing. I’m not that girl. If i have something on my mind i fucking tell it. Straight, honest, no hints… Anyway, besides our usual fight with boyfriend (which at least was based on real problems instead of fictive ones, at least) everything was okay. Small progress with work, taking care of doctor stuff for the competition and… Well, Him. I was alright without Him all day, i was really busy. Then at night… God, He was so sweet. He is perfect in so many ways. He made a video for me and hearing His voice finally.. well it almost made me cry… happy tears though. That was the last thing of my day and i fell asleep smiling, which i don’t even know when happened last time. He read the blog again though (His excuse He was bored… i really should move this to somewhere else) maybe that’s what made Him realize how important He really is to me.. Ahh i don’t know, He probably knows this without my blog anyway… So, yes. Yesterday was perfect. Perfect with all its flaws, just as i like. 


Day 15 – His morning text

A good slave should understand a few things. Sometimes she needs to be left to her own devices so her master can see if she REALLY is a good girl or not! To see is she can obey the rules! To see if she can DO AS SHE’S TOLD! It would appear that’s not the fucking case? I sent you a lovely pic this morning but I have unsent it… you don’t deserve it! YOU ARE A FUCKING BAD GIRL, WHORE! Yesterday I didn’t have my phone, that was the only reason I couldn’t control you! YOU ARE TELLING ME THAT’S ALL IT TAKES TO LOOSE CONTROL WTF! IF I WAS THERE!!!! MY GOD YOU WOULD REGRET DISOBEYING ME! But I’m not so perhaps I will just fucking ignore you properly this time, maybe that’ll teach you? BITCH! WHERE THE FUCK ARE YOU?

NO! You don’t deserve permission! You are a bad girl, a liar who doesn’t appreciate her master, who thinks she can do what she like, when she likes. Well, that’s not the action of a good slave! That’s just a whore who does what she wants. So no, you can’t touch yourself and if you do, that’s IT! You won’t see or hear from me again. DO YOU UNDERSTAND? I’m so fucking angry with you right now… If I was there my belt would be swinging hard… REALLY HARD. I’m punishing you now by not letting you [please yourself] Fuck, I’m seething. I would whip you, then rape you for what you have done! Whore!


Day 6 – afternoon

I must have been a really good girl… He was so pleased with me. And He gave me what i wanted. It was so perfect, how He teased me while i was on my way home, He made me so horny i was shaking. Then i had to take a shower and He only wanted to see a picture of my ass. Then we talked.

He talked…

His voice.. The sweetest thing on earth. Strong, demanding and soft and caring all in the same time. Even when He’s only talking about training or grocery shopping or anything.. it gets me every time. I’m clinging on His words. It makes me forget everything else. While He talks, nothing else exists. He fills up my mind, shutting out everything, making room for nothing else.

He called me His good girl… Then He asked me if i was His whore.. i said yes…
‘Yes, what?’ – he asked.
‘Yes, Sir. Sorry, Sir.’ – i answered.
‘Better’ – He said…

He told me a story. A very detailed one. He listened to me moaning and panting asking questions if i was doing as i was told. I did everything exactly as He asked – sorry, wanted it. He told me when to breathe in, told me for how long to hold it and – not like before – this time it was freakin hard to hold it! When i started to moan in discomfort, He told me to hold it. Then He told me to hold even longer. Then He let me breathe out and i was panting, moaning and screaming in pleasure. I think He enjoyed that.

He could hear on my voice when i was close… He said He wants to come when i do and that… well it was just perfect. He did come in the exact moment i did and it made it fucking perfect. For me it was so full of emotions it made me cry. Then He said he would hug me, hold me tight, He said He would be there for me, to calm me and i could hear in His voice He really really ment what He said. He said He loves me. My heartrate slowed.. i could breathe normally once again, then He said something which made my heart beat faster once again.

You have to know we’re planning to meet in Sept. His country. I really don’t know what to expect. Until now i was thinking we would talk, He said mayne hold hands a lot.. but you see, now He starts to talk about a friend there. With a room. He talks about how He would take me there.

I’m not gonna just hold your fucking hand…
I’m not gonna fuck you, but I’m gonna punish you. You will get what you want

God.. What if He’s serious? What if He means it? I don’t even know which one would make me happier.. if He means it, or not.

But i do know, don’t i?! I want Him to punish me. I want Him to choke me until i pass out, i want Him to hold me tight, i want Him to explore my body, i want Him to make me suck His cock and i want Him to come in my mouth and kiss me after…

Filth – Part 2 – John

Filth – Part 1 – Chloe

It was a bit of a non day. At least it was at that moment but what I had planned would make it anything but that for my love. “My love” I smiled.
I leant against the wall hands in pockets watching the door to her block like a hawk. I barely noticed if I blinked I didn’t want to miss her reaction when she saw me. It had been building for so long this moment I knew it was going to be interesting watching her reaction when she realised I was actually here.

I stood for an hour when all of a sudden there she was! A flash of that short red hair I had seen more times than I can count. Then that face… nothing yet….. That pretty face. That face I had studied long and hard. Then a flash of those bright eyes. Looking my way……………. The moment is tangible, electric. My cock is instantly hard as I see that look of absolute terror on her face! The day she knew would come finally has. She almost stumbles her face as red as her hair she turns on her usual route as if nothing had happened. My God she hasn’t ran screaming? She hasn’t dropped to her knees and begged me to leave her alone. She hasn’t even attacked me, called the police and had me arrested. No, she has done as she was told and that makes me even harder.

I follow her matching her steps she is desperately trying to fight the urge to run I can tell. She sped up a bit heading for her tram stop but she’s early. I know this because I’ve followed her 6 times previously to this and she doesn’t even know it.. twice I’ve been so close I’ve managed to take items from her bag. One of now sits , gripped tightly in my hand.

She gets onto a tram. It’s not hers! I’ve panicked her so much she’s got on the wrong fucking tram! This has ruined my plan bitch! A crowd of people block my path and I suddenly loose sight of her and at the same time my erection! Fucking bitch I will kill you if you run now. Fuck! Where is she? Did she get off? She better not! She knows the rules of the game and until now she has been a good girl. She has done everything I’ve asked but this! For this she will fucking pay!

Then I see her at the very back of the car she hasn’t seen me eyes cast down but I can tell from her shoulders she thinks I’ve gone. I can see her hands aren’t shaking anymore. She actually thinks she’s got away.

I step up right behind her the tram is pretty packed so no one notices. I’m so close I can smell her perfume smell the new colour in her hair, the faint smell of the soap she washed her firm athletes body with that morning then I feel her tense up! She’s felt my breath on her neck. She knows that I’m there my cock springs up again,. I want to sink my teeth into her neck so deep it draws blood. I want to reach round and rip at her clothes. I want to cover her mouth with my hand and rape her right here and now! This is made worse by the fact I can now smell her… pussy……my God. .I do believe she has come right there inches from me and I didn’t even touch her! I have to go it’s all too much to know how much power I have over her. I want to come so badly now it’s hard to not touch my cock as I move quickly away .I force the door and leave the tram almost falling on my face as I do.

I take my hand from my pocket it’s been so tightly clasped the contents have dug into my hand blood drips from between my bunched fist. I open my hand and stare at her spare key “right bitch I’ll see you at home” I say with a grin. . . My cock is once again rock hard!

Day 4 – morning

He: Did you sort out your problem?
me: Yeah.. i had to stay up pretty late though
He: okay…and?
me: He’s jealous. But it’s an ongoing problem for him
He: Okay

[Horrible seconds passing by, i’m thinking maybe i lost Him? I’m already thinking what i’ll write of this on the blog]

He: Tough. You are mine

[My heart stops reading this. I’m instantly wet and start to pant. I almost faint]

me: Fuck my life
He: Are you mine?
me: Yes oh god yes of course!
He: Good
me: I.. i cant breathe
He: Here’s  a little reward…for being mine
      [sends picture of His hard cock]
me: Oh God
Thank you
He: Good girl
me: God, i’m wet
He: Good
       You would need to be

[He made me so horny, i barely can stand on my feet. I’m still panting and people start to notice it. I wanna taste His cock, kneel before Him, look up to Him while pleasing Him… His hands on my head, helping me get the rhythm right, smiling at me with His perfect half-smile, looking me in the eyes and saying ‘good girl’ to me after He comes in my mouth]

me: Did u look at my pics?
He: No…i dont need to
       I just close my eyes
       And you are there
me: You are perfect

I love You
He: I love you too  slave
me: i am Yours. Forever.
My one and only Master
He: I best get up
me: thank You for this
He: Just remember i am you master for as long as you do as you are told.  I wont put up with you being a bitch about all this.  I love you but i wont be emotionally pulled about. Be happy you are my thought slave at least.  Anything else that comes from this is a bonus
Do you understand?
me: yes, Sir
He: Good
me: thank You, Sir

[I promise i’ll be good. I won’t be a bitch about anything. I’ll be Your good girl, my Love. I’m still horny and wet but i can’t do anything about it. I have to wait to please myself. I’ll ask for His permission now. I need His permission as He controls me and my body.

Good morning]