Day 15 – His morning text

A good slave should understand a few things. Sometimes she needs to be left to her own devices so her master can see if she REALLY is a good girl or not! To see is she can obey the rules! To see if she can DO AS SHE’S TOLD! It would appear that’s not the fucking case? I sent you a lovely pic this morning but I have unsent it… you don’t deserve it! YOU ARE A FUCKING BAD GIRL, WHORE! Yesterday I didn’t have my phone, that was the only reason I couldn’t control you! YOU ARE TELLING ME THAT’S ALL IT TAKES TO LOOSE CONTROL WTF! IF I WAS THERE!!!! MY GOD YOU WOULD REGRET DISOBEYING ME! But I’m not so perhaps I will just fucking ignore you properly this time, maybe that’ll teach you? BITCH! WHERE THE FUCK ARE YOU?

NO! You don’t deserve permission! You are a bad girl, a liar who doesn’t appreciate her master, who thinks she can do what she like, when she likes. Well, that’s not the action of a good slave! That’s just a whore who does what she wants. So no, you can’t touch yourself and if you do, that’s IT! You won’t see or hear from me again. DO YOU UNDERSTAND? I’m so fucking angry with you right now… If I was there my belt would be swinging hard… REALLY HARD. I’m punishing you now by not letting you [please yourself] Fuck, I’m seething. I would whip you, then rape you for what you have done! Whore!



Caring words II

me: Good morning. I dreamt of You
He: Good girl
        My best girl
me: God, i love you so much
He: Good
me: i need You
He: Shhhhhhh
       Calm baby. You have me
me: i know, Sir
He: I know you need me but you have to wait
       I hope you didnt go inside

[yesterday i was instructed to please myself without putting a finger inside]

He: Did you?
me: No
I would never disobey You
It was fucking hard to resist though
But i wanted to make You proud
He: My good girl

[My heart is throbbing in my throat, i feel dizzy but i have to hide it, i’m already on my way to work]

He: I dont want you to until i can fuck you
me: God, i dont think You can make me any hornier than this
He: Oh you have no idea
me: God
Please don’t
He: Ha!
        Please don’t?
        I want you
        But you can wait
me: as long as i have to
He: Me not giving you what you want is my way of tieing you up and leaving you like it
       Leaving you tied and wet
       While i go out
       I would hog tie you with the rope looped around your neck so if you relaxed too much it would tighten
me: God… please!

[He ignores me]

He: Leave you like it for hours
me: Fuck

[My heart beats faster and faster. He ignores me again]

He: Maybe find a man with a big fat cock.
        Bring him home
        And let him have you
        We would stay silent
me: Nooooo, please!
God, i’m so wet

[I try to stop Him, i don’t want anybody else except Him. I’m only His, but the thought of pleasing Him and knowing He would be enjoying watching me fucked makes me aroused beyond comprehension.
He still ignores me]

He: So you wouldnt know if it just me
       But i would let him have you however he wanted
me: No, please

[I moan quietly, i close my eyes, bite my lips and stroke my neck.. i can’t hold back. People are starting to look at me. I have to stop Him, or i’m gonna explode. He ignores me of course]

He: And when he was in you from behind
       I would lift up your face and remove the blindfold
       And push my cock into your mouth
       Until it sealed your throat
       And hold it there
       While he pounded you
me: God, baby please!
Oh, God
I need you

[I want Him here. I want to feel Him. His touch, His breath on my neck, His wet tongue all over my body. His hard cock in my pussy then in my mouth, licking, sucking Him clean. I moan again, people glance at me weirdly. He ignores me]

He: I would love warching the rope tighten round your neck
       Feel it push against my cock in your throat
       I would watch him come in you
       Then tell him to leave straight away
       So i could properly punish you for being such a dirty whore

[i know i could come within a second if i would be able to touch myself. But i can’t. He knew it and made me horny. Just because i said i can’t get any hornier, He made me. Within minutes, only with His words. Then He said He will fuck me tomorrow. God… i want Him so bad

Good morning]