Day 4 – morning

He: Did you sort out your problem?
me: Yeah.. i had to stay up pretty late though
He: okay…and?
me: He’s jealous. But it’s an ongoing problem for him
He: Okay

[Horrible seconds passing by, i’m thinking maybe i lost Him? I’m already thinking what i’ll write of this on the blog]

He: Tough. You are mine

[My heart stops reading this. I’m instantly wet and start to pant. I almost faint]

me: Fuck my life
He: Are you mine?
me: Yes oh god yes of course!
He: Good
me: I.. i cant breathe
He: Here’s  a little reward…for being mine
      [sends picture of His hard cock]
me: Oh God
Thank you
He: Good girl
me: God, i’m wet
He: Good
       You would need to be

[He made me so horny, i barely can stand on my feet. I’m still panting and people start to notice it. I wanna taste His cock, kneel before Him, look up to Him while pleasing Him… His hands on my head, helping me get the rhythm right, smiling at me with His perfect half-smile, looking me in the eyes and saying ‘good girl’ to me after He comes in my mouth]

me: Did u look at my pics?
He: No…i dont need to
       I just close my eyes
       And you are there
me: You are perfect

I love You
He: I love you too  slave
me: i am Yours. Forever.
My one and only Master
He: I best get up
me: thank You for this
He: Just remember i am you master for as long as you do as you are told.  I wont put up with you being a bitch about all this.  I love you but i wont be emotionally pulled about. Be happy you are my thought slave at least.  Anything else that comes from this is a bonus
Do you understand?
me: yes, Sir
He: Good
me: thank You, Sir

[I promise i’ll be good. I won’t be a bitch about anything. I’ll be Your good girl, my Love. I’m still horny and wet but i can’t do anything about it. I have to wait to please myself. I’ll ask for His permission now. I need His permission as He controls me and my body.

Good morning]