Day 14 – Rules are ment to be broken

I just need His attention…

I will do something which is against the rules. I’ll touch myself without permission. I’ll use my fingers without permission. I’ll come without permission.

We’ll see where that leaves me.


His rules

He: Hey showing the world your ass!
me: Uhm, insta?
He: Yes
me: Well, it’s my back!
He: That’s mine… no it’s not, it’s your ass as well
me: God…
He: Show your beautiful back by all accounts… nut that ass is mine
       I’ll let you off this time
me: Won’t happen again
He: It better not young lady
me: Will you punish me then?
He: Not today, no
      But if I find out you have ever done that again without showing me first to ask permission… then yes
me: You should write me your rules…
He: My rules are simple
      Think of ME first before you do anything and be a good girl